The Gold Coast is packed with amazing Asian restaurants offering delicious food from Thailand, Japan, and more. Imagine tasting spicy Thai curries, fancy sushi, and tasty Chinese stir-fries. You can also try hot Sichuan dishes or comforting ramen noodles. These places aren’t just for satisfying hunger; they’re in beautiful spots, some with incredible ocean views or nestled in cozy parts of the city. Beyond serving tasty meals, they let you discover different cultures through their food. It’s like a food journey across Asia, trying out various delicious dishes that showcase unique traditions. These restaurants aren’t just about eating; they’re about experiencing new flavors and exploring diverse cultures through every bite.

Looking for the right restaurant can be a hassle, so we’ve put together a list of the Best Asian restaurants on the Gold Coast. These spots offer delicious dishes from Thailand, Japan, China, and beyond. You can taste spicy Thai curries, fancy sushi, and tasty Chinese food. Each place has its own unique menu that stands out. Whether you prefer super spicy meals or cozy options like ramen, they’ve got something for everyone. These restaurants are in great locations and serve really tasty food. Our list is here to help you discover and enjoy the best Asian flavors available on the Gold Coast.

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Hideaway Kitchen & Bar

Hideaway Kitchen
Hideaway Kitchen & Bar is a special place in Gold Coast. People love it for its cozy feel and tasty food. They’ve got a big menu with lots of different asian foods, like rice & noodles, Seafood and other fancy dishes mixing different flavors. The place looks really nice with its cozy decorations, making it a friendly spot to relax and enjoy your meal. The staff are really nice too, and the whole place feels laid-back and comfy. It’s not just a regular restaurant; it’s a great spot to hang out with friends or family while having yummy food. Whether you want a simple meal or a chill night out, this place is a cozy hideaway where you can enjoy good food and good times.
Review on Facebook: “The food is absolutely amazing. The eggplant curry was so good I wanted to lick the plate!”- Robyn Cameron

Miami Rice

Miami Rice
Miami Rice is a new and exciting place on the Gold Coast that serves really tasty Asian food. It brings together lots of different Asian flavors. They have yummy dishes like Chinese stir-fries, spicy Thai curries, and tasty sushi rolls from Japan. You can try things like teriyaki or spicy Szechuan dishes too. The place feels modern but cozy, making it nice to relax and enjoy your food. The people there are friendly, and they’ve got a menu that shows off the best of Asian cooking. Miami Rice is a great spot to explore and taste different Asian flavors right in the middle of Miami.
Review on Facebook: “the worst chinese food i have ever eaten. So disappiinted. This was not expertly cooked food, it was a mess.”- Paula Brand

Kin Pan-Asian Kitchen & Bar

Kin Pan-Asian Kitchen
Kin Pan-Asian Kitchen & Bar is a cool place on the Gold Coast that serves lots of yummy food from different Asian countries. They’ve got tasty Thai curries, delicious sushi, Chinese stir-fries, and yummy Vietnamese pho. The place looks really nice, mixing modern style with bits of Asian culture to make it cozy for people eating there. They also have a bar where they make special drinks with Asian flavors. Kin isn’t just about eating; it’s like taking a trip through Asia with your taste buds. They use fresh, good-quality ingredients to make the food taste great. Whether you like classic dishes or new twists, Kin is a fun place to enjoy Asian food in a fancy but chill atmosphere.
Review on google: “A buzzing place right in the heart of the action in Burleigh Heads. Service was prompt and friendly, the decor is cool and the atmosphere is vibrant. Kin delivers really tasty Pan-Asian food with plenty of variety and some great options for vegetarians. Really recommend this place for couples, groups or in fact anyone who likes a good, reasonably priced Asian meal”- Stephan Lund

Lucky Bao

Lucky Bao
Nestled in the heart of Mermaid Waters, Lucky Bao is a modern Asian restaurant offering a vibrant dining experience. Their menu boasts an array of colorful small and large Asian sharing dishes, including their famous baos, accompanied by an extensive selection of top-notch beers, sake, umeshu, and beverages. The restaurant creates a fusion of flavors, enticing patrons with a mix of delectable cuisines. Whether indulging in their renowned baos or exploring their diverse menu, Lucky Bao aims to tantalize taste buds with an array of Asian-inspired culinary delights. With a focus on communal dining and a varied drinks menu, Lucky Bao beckons diners to enjoy a lively and flavorful journey through contemporary Asian cuisine in a lively and inviting atmosphere.
Review on google: “An absolutely incredible dining experience for a quick holiday date night with my wife. Service from the start was friendly, quick and with a hint of laid back banter that was a change from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the Gold Coast. The suggestion of the feed me option was selected and it did not disappoint. Lost count around the 6th course. Cuttlefish, wings and corn were the highlights of the highlights. Food was sensational and definitely lived up to the feed me name. We had to leave with a “doggy container” of leftovers which my wife was eager to finish the following day. A big thank you to the whole team for an enjoyable and filling night out.”- Anthony Bennett

Madam Fu

Madam Fu
Madam Fu is a fancy restaurant on the Gold Coast that serves amazing Asian food. They have both classic dishes like dim sum and other Asian dishes with different flavors from Asia. The place looks really nice, with fancy decorations that make it feel luxurious. They make sure you have a great time with really good service and food that tastes just right. Madam Fu isn’t just about eating; it’s like getting a taste of Asian culture while having a nice meal in a fancy place. Whether you’re stopping by for a simple lunch or a special dinner, Madam Fu makes sure you have a great and tasty time there.
Review on google: “This place is incredible. 2 days later we are still talking about the food. Every single dish was bursting with flavour and cooked to perfection. If you have not been here yet, you’re missing out. Staff were friendly and welcoming and we can’t wait to go back!!”- Troy Brennan

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