In Brisbane, proficient chiropractors provide comprehensive care for individuals seeking effective solutions to musculoskeletal issues. Employing a range of techniques, including spinal adjustments and therapeutic exercises, these professionals address conditions such as back pain, headaches, and joint discomfort. Embracing a patient-centred approach, Brisbane’s chiropractors strive to enhance overall well-being by promoting optimal spinal health and functionality. Clients can anticipate personalised treatment plans tailored to their specific needs, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment throughout the healing process. With a dedication to evidence-based practices, these chiropractors stay updated on the latest developments in the field, ensuring the delivery of quality care that meets the unique requirements of each individual seeking chiropractic services in Brisbane.

Explore our thoughtfully assembled compilation highlighting Brisbane’s foremost chiropractors, where you can delve into the expertise of top professionals in the field. Our curated selection features seasoned experts celebrated for their outstanding proficiency in addressing musculoskeletal disorders, providing effective solutions for headaches, joint pain, and back pain. These chiropractors prioritise patient well-being, crafting individualised treatment programs tailored to each unique need. Rely on our list for guidance towards patient-centric, evidence-based chiropractic therapy dedicated to enhancing spinal health. Make informed choices for your well-being and immerse yourself in the excellence offered by Brisbane’s leading chiropractors.

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Wellspring Chiropractic

Wellspring Chiropractic

Wellspring Chiropractic, located in North Lakes, is committed to delivering high-quality services and patient-centred care tailored to their clients’ unique needs and preferences. Beyond chiropractic treatments, they are dedicated to community education on the significance of spinal health, regularly conducting workplace presentations and community seminars. As Bupa Members First Preferred Providers, North Lakes practice offers convenient on-the-spot HICAPS facilities and EPC and DVA providers. There chiropractors are proud members of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia and the Australian Spinal Research Foundation.

Review on Google: “Have had two appointments so far at wellsprings Chiropractic and I could be happier, the staff are lovely and very helpful, I have an 8 week plan and I know I’m in great hands. Would recommend visiting Wellsprings chiropractic if you’re in Northlakes or surrounding areas, I Promise you won’t regret it!”- Connor McNab

North Lakes Chiropractic

North Lakes Chiropractic
At North Lakes Chiropractic, there team of chiropractors serves a diverse clientele, showcasing there ability to effectively work with individuals from various backgrounds, age groups, and health conditions. Whether you’re grappling with a chronic degenerative disease, seeking immediate relief from a recent injury, or aiming for ongoing spinal care, North Lakes Chiropractors are dedicated to assisting you on your wellness journey. Prioritizing a holistic approach, chiropractors focus on soft tissue manipulation and relaxation before each adjustment. Proficient in both Manual and Low-Force Chiropractic treatment
Review on Google: “Dr Cade has changed my life! I was in constant pain and not seeing lasting results at previous place but since seeing him, I wake up not having to take pain medication just to get through the day. Thank you North Lakes Chiropractic 🙂 “- Bijanka Marlin

New Farm Chiropractic Clinic

New Farm Chiropractic
New Farm Chiropractic Clinic, situated in a welcoming locale, is a beacon of expert care for those seeking optimal musculoskeletal well-being. Within this esteemed clinic, experienced chiropractors utilise advanced techniques to address a variety of concerns, from back pain to headaches. The clinic’s focus on personalised care ensures tailored treatment plans, reflecting a commitment to individual needs. With a dedication to evidence-based practices, the adept team at New Farm Chiropractic Clinic stays abreast of the latest developments in the field, providing comprehensive and effective chiropractic interventions. Clients trust the clinic for its commitment to enhancing overall health through expert and personalised care.
Review on Facebook: “I see David for my chiro and he is amazing. Today I had a musculoskeletal massage with Joseph and I feel better today than I have in years. He’s taken a lot of my neck and back pain away in just one hour. Between Joseph, David, Abi and the lovely team there, I’m grateful to have what feels like first class health care, and they’re incredibly flexible too.”- Katie Richards

Brisbane Posture and Performance Chiropractic

Brisbane Posture
Conveniently located, Brisbane Posture and Performance Chiropractic exemplifies expert care for individuals striving for optimal musculoskeletal health. Their highly trained chiropractors employ advanced methods to address diverse issues, with a focus on posture and performance. The clinic provides personalised treatment plans, emphasising individual needs and specialising in tailored care. The informed team at Brisbane Posture and Performance Chiropractic is devoted to utilising evidence-based procedures, staying updated on industry advancements. Clients place trust in this clinic for its dedication to enhancing posture and overall function, delivering exceptional chiropractic treatments in a comforting environment.
Review on Google: “Kyle is a caring, professional and talented chiropractor. I have been seeing him regularly for maintenance adjustments for the past two years. He always has me walking out the rooms feeling great and walking straight!”- David Jelovcan

Salt Chiropractic

Salt Chiropractic
Nestled in a convenient and inviting location, Salt Chiropractic provides expert chiropractic care in Brisbane. Focused on enhancing holistic well-being, their proficient chiropractors specialise in personalised treatments for diverse musculoskeletal concerns. Employing advanced techniques and a patient-centred approach, they effectively address issues such as back pain, headaches, and joint discomfort. With a steadfast commitment to evidence-based practices, their seasoned team ensures each client receives tailored care for optimal results. Prioritising collaboration and education, Salt Chiropractic endeavours to empower individuals on their path to improved spinal health, cultivating a supportive environment that places the unique needs of every patient at the forefront.
Review on Google: “From arranging my initial assessment online, Salt Chiropractic have exceeded my expectations – from what I believed seeing a chiropractor would be like! My Assessment, was less than 45min – tests performed were explained in clear language free of ‘chiro’ jargo and included a referral for spinal X-rays (down via walk in Same day & bulked billed). From there i commenced a specifically tailored plan, based on the analysis of the initial tests and X-rays results. 3 months, 2 adjustments p/week. Already having positive results!”- John Swoboda

Elite Health

Elite Health
Situated in a prime area, Elite Health represents the height of professional care for individuals searching for the best possible health. This prestigious organisation comprises highly qualified professionals dedicated to offering complete health services. The knowledgeable medical professionals at Elite Health use state-of-the-art methods to treat a variety of health issues, guaranteeing individualised care that is catered to each patient’s needs. The clinic places a strong emphasis on teamwork and education, encouraging patients to take charge of their own health improvement. Elite Health’s skilled staff prioritises evidence-based procedures, staying updated for top-notch healthcare in a friendly, encouraging setting.
Review on Facebook: “Highly recommended! The staff are all so caring and friendly, and they fixed my sore back – champions! Pregnancy friendly too!”- Danielle O’Regan

First Choice Chiropractic

First Choice Chiropractic
For those in search of the best possible musculoskeletal health, First Choice Chiropractic is the go-to source for professional chiropractic therapy. The clinic is dedicated to providing excellent treatments through qualified chiropractors who specialise in a variety of procedures, and it is situated in a convenient area. They use cutting edge, research-backed techniques to treat conditions like back pain, headaches, and joint discomfort while keeping an emphasis on individualised care. First Choice Chiropractic’s skilled staff makes sure that every patient receives customised care, placing a strong emphasis on education and teamwork throughout the recovery process.
Review on Facebook: “I feel fantastic after every visit and although sometimes you have to work for it outside of sessions the results show!”- Brontë Graham

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