A criminal defence lawyer, predominantly barristers, specialises in safeguarding individuals and businesses facing criminal charges. Geelong’s criminal lawyers, equipped with extensive legal acumen, offer dedicated defence services tailored to individual needs. Specialising in criminal law, these legal professionals navigate the complexities of the legal system to ensure robust representation. With a focus on protecting clients’ rights, they handle a spectrum of cases, from misdemeanours to serious offences. The criminal lawyers meticulously assess each case, formulate strategic defences, and advocate for clients in court. Drawing on their local expertise, these lawyers are adept at understanding regional nuances and legal intricacies. Criminal lawyers provide steadfast advocacy and effective legal solutions for diverse criminal matters.

“Look Out Australia” has meticulously curated a list highlighting the top Criminal Lawyers in Geelong. This comprehensive compilation showcases legal professionals renowned for their expertise and exceptional service in navigating criminal cases. Drawing on customer reviews and an understanding of the local legal landscape, the list provides valuable insights into each lawyer’s capabilities. Trust in our curated selection to guide you to the legal expertise you need in navigating the complexities of criminal law.

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Dribbin & Brown Criminal Lawyers

Dribbin & Brown Criminal Lawyers
Dribbin & Brown Criminal Lawyers boast a collective experience spanning over a century. They specialize in defending individuals facing the gravest charges, including murder, manslaughter, and large-scale commercial drug offenses. With multiple criminal law offices strategically located throughout Melbourne, they provide comprehensive legal representation and unwavering support to clients navigating complex legal proceedings. Renowned for their expertise and dedication, David Dribbin, Michael Brown, and their team are committed to safeguarding the rights and interests of those entangled in the criminal justice system, ensuring a formidable defense and pursuit of justice.
Review on Facebook: “Samantha was professional and represented me in court, she helped me from start to finish. The fees are affordable and the service provide is above and beyond what I expected. Thank you again Dribbin & Brown Criminal Lawyers!”- Stefan Keating

Ben von Einem & Associates

Ben von Einem
Ben Von Einem & Associates, a prominent Geelong law firm, distinguishes itself as one of the region’s most accomplished private legal practices. Renowned for their exceptional skills, the highly dedicated team of Geelong Lawyers prioritizes your well-being. Regardless of your legal challenges, trust in their expertise to guide you toward resolution and recovery. Your concerns matter and they are committed to assisting you in overcoming any legal hurdles. Take the first step towards a solution by contacting their office today – it could prove to be the most beneficial call you make for addressing your legal needs.
Review on Google: “I called Ben von einem and associates looking for someone to help with an ivo issue. Spoke with pat Byrne and a meeting was set up promptly. Pat was very direct and professional in handling the matter . His high standard of work and efficient time management got me a favourable outcome . I would highly recommend pat byrne of Ben von einem and associates.”- Justin Hunt

Stary Norton Halphen

Stary Norton Halphen
Stary Norton Halphen is a leading provider of specialized, expert legal counsel catering exclusively to criminal law matters. As the largest specialist criminal law practice in Melbourne, every lawyer within the firm is devoted solely to Criminal Law, distinguishing it as a dedicated force in the legal landscape. Focused on delivering specialized expertise, Stary Norton Halphen’s professionals concentrate solely on criminal law, leaving other legal domains to different firms. Regular appearances in the Supreme, County, Magistrates, and Children’s Courts showcase the firm’s extensive experience.
Review on Google: “Thomas Edwards did such a fantastic job. He handled my case professionally, effectively, and efficiently. I was very worried about the outcome of my charge but he did everything in his power to help me. I cannot express enough my gratitude to him for his hard work and listening to my concerns every step of the way.”- Thomas Athan

Faulkner Solicitors

Faulkner Solicitors
Faulkner Solicitors is a widely recognized generalist law practice with more than 40 years of experience. It is located in Geelong. Notable for their expertise in business, property, taxation, and superannuation, they are particularly well-known for their specialization in wills, estates, and conveyancing law. The company provides comprehensive legal solutions and has a wealth of experience in these fields. Their dedication transcends legal knowledge, focusing on a true comprehension of the human element in legal affairs, guaranteeing that clients receive not only qualified counsel but also customized focus to their particular needs and concerns.
Review on Google: “Eric is very professional, friendly, flexible, genuine & helpful in a small business. It was great to be able to see him with short notice and his service was great, plus reasonable price too!”- Tse Pamela

Orenstein Lawyers

Orenstein Lawyers
Established by Joel Orenstein in 2009, Orenstein Lawyers has become a preeminent authority in Criminal Law and Child Protection, dedicated to providing strong legal representation. In the previous ten years, the firm has solidified its position as a leader in the fields of criminal, family violence, and child protection law. Renowned for their broad experience and unwavering support, Orenstein Lawyers has established an impeccable standing. The team is steadfastly committed to providing clients with brave and caring support, safeguarding their rights, and elevating their voices. With a combination of skill and compassion, clients can trust them to zealously represent their interests.
Review on Google: “A wonderful firm. I felt comfortable from my first contact with Joel and throughout the process with Jacob. Their knowledge and experience shines through. They are calm in negotiations and reassuring. Jacob made sure I understood all options available to me and was professional in all steps of the process. This is a firm that genuinely cares and has the most competitive costs.”- Coral White

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