Criminal lawyers specialize in providing dedicated defense for individuals confronting criminal charges, adeptly navigating the legal system to ensure equitable representation. These seasoned professionals offer invaluable support by providing legal counsel, devising strategic defense plans, and representing clients in court proceedings. Whether addressing misdemeanors or felonies, criminal lawyers leverage their extensive expertise to safeguard clients’ rights, scrutinize evidence, and pursue favorable legal outcomes. Possessing a profound understanding of criminal law, procedural intricacies, and local jurisdictions, these attorneys play a pivotal role in protecting individuals embroiled in legal challenges.

However, selecting a criminal lawyer can be a daunting task, prompting us to compile a list of Melbourne’s Best criminal lawyers, ensuring an easier selection process. All listed lawyers are highly reputable and licensed, guaranteeing a worthwhile exploration of their services.

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Dribbin & Brown Criminal Lawyers

Dribbin & Brown Criminal Lawyers

Dribbin & Brown Criminal Lawyers, a renowned legal firm with a significant presence in Melbourne, is recognized as a premier destination for criminal law expertise. With strategically located offices in Melbourne, Ringwood, Dandenong, Frankston, Geelong, Broadmeadows, Moorabbin, Ballarat, and Werribee, their wide-reaching influence ensures accessibility. Boasting a team of over 24 criminal lawyers, Dribbin & Brown excels in providing unparalleled legal support. Specializing in diverse criminal law facets, such as Drink Driving, Drug Offences, Traffic Matters, Bail Applications, Appeals, Family Violence, Assault, Fraud, Theft, Sex Offences, and Sheriff & Infringement Warrants, the firm demonstrates versatility. Their seasoned professionals bring extensive experience not only in criminal law but also in related areas. Clients benefit from their comprehensive understanding of legal nuances, making Dribbin & Brown Criminal Lawyers a trusted choice for navigating a spectrum of legal challenges.

Review on Facebook: “Daniel was very professional from start to finish. He was very easy to work with and outcome received due to his hard work was way better than expected. Highly recommend him for any sort of legal needs. Thanks again Daniel and team!”- Yasith Kariyawasam

Ondrik Larsen Lawyers

Ondrik Larsen Lawyers

Ondrik Larsen Lawyers, a prominent criminal law firm situated in Melbourne, Victoria, exclusively practices as criminal defense lawyers. With over two decades of collective experience, their lawyers specialize in criminal law, having worked on major cases nationwide. Committed to core values of integrity, honesty, trust, confidentiality, and strength, they prioritize client relationships and professional conduct. Their representation ensures alignment with these values, instilling confidence in clients that their cases are handled urgently and professionally. With integrity as a cornerstone, clients can expect respectful and diligent legal support. Ondrik Larsen Lawyers, dedicated criminal defense practitioners, approach each case with unwavering seriousness, offering assurance that every legal matter, regardless of scale, receives the attention it deserves.

Review on Facebook: “I was caught doing 22klm over the speed limit, on a suspended licence and not wearing my seat belt. The only smart thing I did was to hire Olinka Ondrik. I managed to get off without losing my licence, without a conviction and with only a minimal fine, payable over 6 months. Unbelievable outcome. It never crossed my mind that Olinka could get me such a win. Thanks Olinka”- Debbie Crafti

Gallant Law

Gallant Law

With over two decades of legal expertise, Gallant Law stands as a prominent legal firm in Victoria, led by Principal Lawyer Lauren Cassimatis, an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist recognized by the Law Institute of Victoria. Renowned both locally and nationally, the team of seasoned solicitors at Gallant Law specializes in diverse criminal and quasi-criminal cases. From routine driving matters to intricate cases involving sexual offenses, homicide, online offenses, inquiries, and professional disciplinary proceedings, Gallant Law offers comprehensive legal representation. Their commitment to excellence and vast experience positions them as leaders in the legal landscape, ensuring clients receive adept counsel and strategic advocacy. Gallant Law prides itself on navigating clients through a spectrum of legal challenges, including WorkSafe matters, with a focus on achieving favorable outcomes and upholding justice.

Review on Trust Pilot: “We have had a great experience with Gallant. Setting up the banking collection with our vet appointment was easy. Costumer Service was fantastic. It is such a relief knowing that we have this safety and protection for the future.”- Arina

Doogue + George Criminal Lawyers

McNally & Gleeson Lawyers

Doogue + George Criminal Lawyers, with over 30 years of dedicated experience, stands as Melbourne’s largest specialist criminal law firm, comprising 21 criminal defense lawyers, including nine Accredited Specialist Criminal Lawyers. Devoted to assisting individuals facing police charges or other serious legal issues, the firm is committed to providing comprehensive support and obtaining the best possible outcomes for their clients. With a team that passionately fights for justice, Doogue + George leverages its extensive expertise to navigate the complexities of criminal law. Clients can trust in their robust defense strategies and a wealth of experience that sets them apart. Facing legal challenges becomes more manageable with Doogue + George Criminal Lawyers, where a seasoned team is dedicated to securing favorable resolutions for those in need.

Review on Trust Pilot: “I am a returning client of Doogue and George, however this was my first time being represented by Ella Trickey. The outcome Ella secured for me greatly exceeded my expectations to say the least. Ella is professional, patient, understanding and is clearly very passionate about securing the best possible outcome for her clients. I can confidently say without any doubt that I could not have possibly received better represtation. I would very highly recommend Ella or anyone at Doogue and George, and should the need ever arise I won’t hesitate to reach out again.”- Jarod Guest

McNally & Gleeson Lawyers

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McNally & Gleeson Lawyers, renowned criminal law specialists in Melbourne, boast extensive expertise in various legal domains connected to criminal matters. Their proficiency encompasses areas like Drink Driving, Drug Offences, Traffic Matters, Bail Applications, Appeals, Family Violence, Assault, Fraud, and Theft. With a well-established reputation for criminal law excellence, the firm excels in navigating a broad spectrum of legal challenges. The dedicated team at McNally & Gleeson Lawyers ensures comprehensive legal support, prioritizing client needs in every case. Their nuanced understanding of criminal law intricacies, coupled with a commitment to excellence, positions them as trusted advocates. Whether addressing family violence issues or handling complex appeals, McNally & Gleeson Lawyers stand as pillars of legal expertise, providing steadfast guidance and robust representation for clients across Melbourne.

Review on Google: “I can not recommend Damian highly enough. I was in a place where I was scared of the outcome and how criminal charges might affect my custody and seriously there was no better outcome available to me than the one I got. Put your trust in Damian and his team, he won’t let you down. He has set the standard so high with his professionalism that I wish he practiced all areas of law because after Damian’s representation I’m having trouble finding solicitors in other areas of law that I can trust and that meet my expectations after Damian.”- Stacey Kennedy

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