A dentist is a highly qualified professional adept at addressing ailments and issues impacting teeth and gums. Their expertise extends to the treatment, repair, and extraction of teeth, as well as the skillful insertion of artificial replacements. Dentists on the Sunshine Coast are skilled professionals dedicated to comprehensive oral health care. With a focus on preserving natural teeth, they specialize in restorative procedures, extractions, and the seamless integration of dental prosthetics. Combining expertise with a commitment to patient well-being, Sunshine Coast dentists prioritize personalized care, ensuring optimal oral health. Whether addressing routine check-ups or complex dental procedures, these professionals contribute significantly to fostering vibrant smiles and enhancing overall dental wellness within the local community.

Explore the Best Dentists in the Sunshine Coast by reviewing the “Lookout Australia” list and starting your road towards dental perfection. Browse our thorough guide to find dentists who are renowned for their proficiency in a range of dental procedures, from general examinations to specialist care. Every dentist on the list is dedicated to giving patients the best possible dental care while also making sure that their patients are happy and healthy.

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Avenue Dental Maroochydore

Avenue Dental
Avenue Dental, having locations in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, is a shining example of dental excellence and is dedicated to Positively Transforming Dentistry. For more than 26 years, the collection of dentist offices has been a shining example of superior dental care on the Sunshine Coast. Committed to providing unmatched quality, they make sure every patient has the best dental experience ever. Specializing in complete oral health, these knowledgeable practitioners work to deliver state-of-the-art dentistry in a setting that makes patients feel at ease and well-cared for.
Review on Google: “Dr Rita is absolutely amazing. She has an eye for aesthetic detail and is attentive to patient care, comfort and concerns. Over a period of time I’ve had some crowns and veneers done and I am really happy with the results. Highly recommend Rita and the team at Avenue Dental Maroochydore for their skill and customer care ! A really lovely practice”- Kathryn McGrath

Oris Dental

Oris Dental
Oris Dental is a well-liked family-run dental practice that proudly serves the Sunshine Coast region. It was founded in 2011. They are highly regarded for their commitment to excellence and provide excellent, cost-effective dental care in a welcoming setting. With a broad range of services including emergency dental care, general dentistry, sleep dentistry, orthodontics, dental implants, and teeth whitening, Oris Dental ensures comprehensive oral health solutions. Oris Dental is a respected collaborator in the advancement of radiant smiles and enduring dental health, emphasizing the provision of excellent and reasonably priced services.
Review on Google: “I had a great experience with Oris dental. The staff was friendly, and the service was excellent. I decided to seek a second opinion, and they not only provided valuable insights but also helped me save money. Highly recommend!”- Bhargav Patel

Comfort Dental Centre

Comfort Dental Centre
Comfort Dental Centre, a trusted dentist on the Sunshine Coast, values giving exceptional dental care and customer service. They provide the highest quality of care by using technologies and a dedication to perfection. Their broad range of dental services includes anything from routine checkups to promptly handling oral emergencies. Put your trust in Comfort Dental Centre for a stress-free, professional dental experience that values your oral health. They give great care that is backed by modern techniques and a commitment to your welfare, making them the go-to choice for all of your dental requirements on the Sunshine Coast.
Review on Google: “Have been really helpful and compassionate while I undergo quite a lengthy and expensive treatment plan. Reception staff are always friendly and flexible. My dentist is great and is partial to using dry humor to diffuse the anxiety of a sometimes anxious patient. It’s appreciated. All up I’d highly recommend this dental surgery”- Adam Cripps

Kawana Dental

Kawana Dental
Kawana Dental Care is one of the best family-friendly dentist offices on the Sunshine Coast, having been in business for thirty years. They are renowned for highlighting the need for preventive care and giving consumers careful advice on how to avoid needless and expensive dental procedures. They specialize in pediatric dentistry, so the small ones will enjoy themselves in addition to their knowledge of family dentistry, Invisalign, and teeth straightening. The facility offers thorough cleanings and in-office tooth whitening in addition to modern cosmetic dentistry procedures. Moreover, Kawana Dental Care offers the equipment required to carry out root canal treatments correctly.
Review on Facebook: “Thank you soooo much ! I’ve finally found a dentist for my 6 year old son who has not been comfortable at countless other dentists. Worth the 1hr drive there for me to know he’s going to be comfortable and get the treatment he needs without stress 👌 thanks so much !”- Sally Davis

Coast Family Dental Currimundi

Coast Family Dental
Coast Family Dental is a famous dental sanctuary that was established by Roscoe and Michelle Morze, two local practitioners who embodied warmth and compassion. This family-run office is tucked away in a contemporary facility and exudes warmth, making everyone feel at ease. The Morze team is dedicated to providing superior dental care at an affordable price. They take great pride in precisely and carefully altering smiles. A holistic dental experience at Coast Family Dental is defined by the combination of individualized care, modern facilities, and a commitment to oral health. For a trip to the best possible dental health, put your trust in the Morzes and their staff.
Review on Google: “My second visit and I am pleased to say the best experience I have had in sixty some years of visiting dentists. Thank you and your friendly staff for all your help. I will be pleased to recommend you to one and all. Cheers Garry Varga”- Garry Varga

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