Nail salons offer more than just pretty nails; they provide a range of benefits beyond aesthetics. Apart from enhancing your appearance, regular nail care at a salon promotes overall nail health. They offer lots of different services, like basic nail care, fancy nail designs, and special treatments like gel nails. The people who work there are good at what they do, and they make sure to do your nails the way you like. These salons have a calm atmosphere with comfy chairs and nice decorations, so you can feel relaxed while you’re there. They use good products and new techniques to make your nails look really nice. Whether you just need a simple nail touch-up or want something fancy, nail salons have something for everyone. They’re all about making you feel good, giving you a break from your day, and making your nails look great.

Finding the perfect nail salon in Melbourne can be tough, but fret not! We’ve curated a list of the best nail salons in the city. Each salon on our list is carefully selected to offer top-notch services, ensuring a range of nail treatments and styles to suit every preference. Whether you’re after classic manicures, trendy nail art, or luxurious spa treatments, these salons have you covered. Our selection focuses on places with skilled technicians, clean and welcoming spaces, and a variety of high-quality nail products. We understand that finding the right salon can be daunting, so our list aims to make your search easier, ensuring a delightful and pampering experience at the best nail salons in Melbourne.

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Miss Nail Bar

Miss Nail Bar
Miss Nail Bar is a haven for nail enthusiasts seeking top-notch pampering in Melbourne. They have lots of different nail services, from simple manicures and pedicures to fancy nail art and relaxing spa treatments. The people who work there are professionals, and they make sure you feel happy with your nails. The salon looks nice and clean with modern decorations, making it a cozy place to relax while getting your nails done. Whether you want a quick nail touch-up or a special nail design, Miss Nail Bar is the perfect spot for people who want excellent nail care and stylish designs in a fancy setting.
Review on google: “I cannot recommend this place enough, I will not go elsewhere. It is clear this place was very popular due to how busy it was yet the atmosphere felt so zen and relaxing thanks to the amazing staff who keep it that way. Freya did my nails and took so much time and care with them. She was friendly and caring! Very impressed- Eva Innes

Absolutely Polished

Absolutely Polished
Absolutely Polished is a great place for nail perfection in Melbourne. They’re really good at making nails look perfect and give fantastic service. Whether you fancy classic elegance or the latest nail trends, Absolutely Polished offers an extensive range of nail services, from chic manicures to stunning nail art designs. The people who work there are really careful and make sure your nails look just right. They use good products and keep things super clean, so it feels really nice and special. The salon has a cozy atmosphere, making it a comfy spot to relax while getting fancy nails. Everyone loves them for their skills and for making customers feel happy and polished after their visit.
Review on Facebook: “Amazing! My acrylics look fantastic. So natural. Val did a great job. After my last nail lady stopped doing nails I tried probably ten different places and having been so spoilt by a superb nail artist I was never happy with the job they did. I have finally found my replacement.”- Joanna Hodsdon

Q&H Nails

Q&H Nails
Q&H Nails is a top-notch place for nail care in Melbourne. They offer great services, from basic manicures to fancy nail art. Their skilled staff really care about making each visit special for customers. They focus not only on making nails look good but also on keeping everything super clean and using really good products. The salon’s welcoming ambiance and attention to detail create a relaxing environment where patrons can unwind and indulge in luxurious nail care. Whether seeking a simple polish or intricate designs, Q&H Nails crafts a professional and enjoyable experience, making it a go-to spot for quality nail treatments in Melbourne.
Review on True Local: “Im super greatful for the work Quan and Mel and the girls do. These people are so talented in what they do. Not only do they provide fantastic service but they are so friendly and kind. Organic gel has been the best decision ive made! Well done for all your hard work and thankyou can’t recommend you enough!!!”- Miss.Dom

Le Nails

Le Nails
Le Nails is a haven for nail care enthusiasts seeking top-quality treatments in Melbourne. This salon offers a wide range of services, from classic manicures to intricate nail art designs, catering to various preferences. With skilled technicians and a commitment to excellence, Le Nails ensures meticulous attention to detail in every service they provide. Their inviting ambiance and hygienic environment create a relaxing space for clients to indulge in pampering sessions. Whether you’re aiming for a simple yet elegant look or bold and creative nail designs, they deliver personalized services tailored to individual styles. Their dedication to using quality products and delivering exceptional customer service makes them a go-to destination for those seeking beautiful and long-lasting nail treatments in Melbourne.
Review on google: “I’ve gotten three sets here over the last few years and they’re the only place that does my nails to the right length and shape!! And they last so long, it’s such good value for money and I only will come to Le Nails now :)”- Elizabeth Riley

Goddess of Nails & Beauty

Goddess of Nails
Goddess of Nails & Beauty is a special place in Melbourn where they’re really good at making you feel pampered. They focus on making your nails look amazing with fancy manicures, pedicures, and beautiful nail designs that fit your style. But it’s not just about nails; they also do other beauty treatments like facials and massages to help you feel refreshed. The place feels calm and peaceful, with comfy seats and relaxing colors, so every time you visit, it’s like a calming getaway. They really care about making you feel special, giving top-notch attention, and making sure you feel like a VIP in a place filled with beauty and relaxation.
Review on google: “It was the best nail experience I’ve ever had. Everyone was so nice. The staff who did my nails were awesome and I got beautiful nails. Will definitely come back again.”- Kanchana rodkaew

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