At night, nightclubs become really exciting places with loud music and lots of dancing. They play different kinds of music, like songs you can dance to or old favorites, and sometimes have live bands playing, making the place feel lively. The clubs have bright lights and many people, and everyone enjoys chatting, relaxing, and hitting the dance floor. Some clubs have special nights with themes, cool areas for important guests, and really fun entertainment. They often have awesome DJs or live music that makes the night extra special. Nightclubs are places where people meet up, have a good time, and soak up the lively atmosphere. Each night is a chance to have fun, meet new friends, and enjoy the music and energetic vibes all around.

We’ve put together a list of the best nightclubs in Melbourne where you can have a super fun time. These clubs are known for playing different kinds of music and having a lively vibe with great entertainment. Whether you like dance music, classic songs, or live bands, there’s something for everyone. Get ready for bright lights, lots of people, and places made for dancing and hanging out. Some clubs have special nights, VIP spots, and awesome shows that make the experience even better. Our list helps people find the coolest places in Melbourne to have a blast, where every night promises lots of fun and unforgettable moments with the city’s lively atmosphere.

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Lady Cutler Melbourne Showboat

Lady Cutler
The Lady Cutler Melbourne Showboat is a special boat that takes people on fun cruises along Melbourne’s beautiful waterfront. It hosts different events, like cool parties or calm sightseeing trips, so there’s something for everyone. The boat has big decks and amazing views, so you get to enjoy the trip while listening to music, eating good food, and feeling the exciting atmosphere. It’s perfect for parties, work events, or special days. The Lady Cutler is really fancy and treats guests super well, giving them a fantastic experience on the water in Melbourne, with great views of the city and the sea.
Review on Facebook: “Good is awesome and plenty of variety. Staff are very friendly and efficient wonderful experience”- Wendy Brady

Brown Alley

Brown Alley
Brown Alley in Melbourne is a lively place that brings lots of excitement to the city’s nightlife. It’s known for playing many types of music, not just one style, so everyone can enjoy it. People can dance, chat, and enjoy the bright lights here. They have special nights with themes that make things even more fun, and the music sounds really good because of their awesome sound systems. Skilled DJs make sure every night is full of great music and entertainment. It’s not just a place to hang out; it’s where friends come together, have fun, and soak up the lively atmosphere, making unforgettable memories with the energetic music and happy crowd.
Review on google: “Attended an event 24/2/23, the venue was perfect: atmosphere was on-point, the various stages (3 were active that night) all each had well-staffed bars, the venue was regularly cleaned throughout the night, and overall every worker was friendly. Just be aware you enter not from Brown Alley (the street) itself, but Lonsdale St, just next to the Colonial Hotel.”- Josh Tusjak

Club Retro

Club Retro
Club Retro is a fun place where people love to party and dance. It’s famous for its cool retro style and lively atmosphere that takes you back in time. They play old songs that bring back memories and make you want to dance all night on their awesome dance floor. The club looks really retro with its decorations and colorful lights that make you feel like you’re in the past. They have special nights with cool music and sometimes live shows that make the night extra special. Club Retro is where lots of different people come together to have fun, enjoy the old-timey feel, and make great memories while dancing and having a blast.
Review on google: “Been there about three times throughout July and again during September, I really like how nice the bar staff are, I asked them if they would do a cocktail and they made a really nice one (couldn’t tell you what it was, I just told them I liked chambord and it was delicious) plus the stage thing is a lot of fun to dance on ! Just gotta be careful getting down if you’re in heels.I also love the photos you get in the outdoor area. Heaps of fun 😁🥂”- Jolene Brooke

Sub Club Melbourne

Sub Club Melbourne
Sub Club Melbourne is a famous spot for nighttime fun in the city. It’s known for its exciting music and how it makes you feel like you’re part of something special. They play all kinds of music, so there’s something for everyone, from lively tunes to smoother beats. The club has cool lights that make it feel lively, attracting a large group of people who love to dance and hang out. Sometimes they have special parties with VIP areas and amazing entertainment. They’ve got awesome DJs and sometimes live music, making every night there really awesome. Sub Club is where people come together to have a great time, feel the lively atmosphere, and enjoy dancing and connecting with others while listening to great music.
Review on Facebook: “Best underground club in Australia. Amazing sound system, lights and vibe.”- Mia Fête

The Toff

The Toff
The Toff is a really cool place in Melbourne where people go for a fun night out. It’s right in the middle of the city, and it has a mix of fancy and cool vibes. They host all sorts of events, from live music to DJ parties and themed nights. What makes The Toff special is its stylish look, small cozy spaces, and lots of different shows for everyone to enjoy. You can chill in comfy booths or dance if you want to. They have a great bar and friendly staff, making sure everyone has a great time. The Toff brings together all kinds of people who want to have a good time, enjoy music, and make great memories in the city’s nightlife.
Review on Google: “Attended here as part of the Melbourne Comedy festival. This is one of Melbourne’s hidden gems tucked away inside Curtin House on the 2nd level. Disability access is easy with ramps and a lift! Perfect setting for a quick drink before the show in one of the dimmly lit booths or a quick bite of the Thai inspired menu. Staff are polite, helpful and knowledgeable and quick to assist with accessible seating for wheelchair and walker patrons.Overall 5 stars and a great place to visit with a wonderful vibe!”- Rachel Kapsalakis

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