Pediatricians are skilled medical professionals who specialize in providing all-encompassing care for newborns, kids, and teenagers. They are essential in monitoring and treating young patients’ physical, mental, and developmental health. Trained to diagnose and treat an extensive array of childhood illnesses, injuries, and conditions, pediatricians ensure children receive proper medical care from birth through adolescence. They also place a strong emphasis on preventative healthcare, which includes immunizing children, doing regular checkups, and giving parents advice on development, growth, and nutrition. In essence, pediatricians are dedicated professionals committed to the holistic health and wellness of the youngest members of our community.

Finding a pediatrician might be a daunting task, but do not panic! Count on our experience. The Top Pediatricians in Brisbane, who are renowned for their unmatched skill and excellent patient care, have been carefully chosen by us. Spend a moment getting to know these reliable experts; the investment you make in your child’s well-being could pay off handsomely.

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Paedicare stands as a distinguished private group, uniting six highly qualified and compassionate pediatricians: Dr. Julie Beak, Dr. Fifi Djatmiko, Dr. Dallas Fowler, Dr. John Gunn, Dr. Emily Horsley, and Dr. Yassmin Musthaffa. Together, they are dedicated to providing comprehensive and holistic care to infants, children, and families, adhering to the latest and most effective practices in the field. Specializing in top-notch pediatric services for newborns at Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane, Paedicare’s commitment extends to 24-hour neonatal care through their esteemed Maternity Service and Special Care Nursery. They take pride in offering exceptional support and expertise, ensuring the well-being of both little ones and their families.
Review on Facebook: “Dr Julie Beak was my pediatrician for the birth of my son. She provided exceptional care for my son, and excellent communication with myself and my husband. I would highly recommend Dr Beak and her team at Paedicare…”- Katherine Anne


Leading Brisbane practice dedicated to pediatric health, PAEDIX places a high value on individualized care for all general pediatric, pediatric allergy, and immunology services. This prestigious practice is committed to providing knowledgeable treatment and specialized solutions for the medical requirements of children. By emphasizing all-inclusive pediatric services, PAEDIX guarantees that every kid gets customized care and assistance. The practice offers a comprehensive approach to pediatric healthcare by extending its dedication to excellence to the domains of immunology and allergies.
Review on Google: “Dr Ash has been absolutely incredible. The time, care and energy given during and after our appointments has been incredible. Doctor Ash is so passionate and it shows. I would highly recommend Paedix.”- Rachelle Fulton

Elementary Paediatrics - Dr Lauren Watson

Elementary Paediatrics
Elementary Paediatrics is a reputable medical facility dedicated to providing children of all ages with top-notch care, led by Dr. Lauren Watson. Dr. Watson, who has a deep love for pediatric care, approaches her practice with compassion and a wealth of knowledge. Elementary pediatrics provides comprehensive healthcare services that are individualized to fit the specific needs of each child, with a focus on preventative care, accurate diagnosis, and successful treatment. Dr. Watson and her colleagues want to establish a warm and inviting atmosphere for kids and their families, offering everything from standard check-ups to the management of complicated medical disorders.
Review on Google: “Dr Lauren Watson is our paediatrician for our baby boy who was born 5 weeks early and spent some time in special care. She was Absolutely amazing. It was such an emotional rollercoaster and Dr Lauren was so understanding, knowledgeable, kind and always made time for our questions. She is not only a wonderful doctor but also an awesome human being. I would definitely recommend her!.”- Emily Gorbenko

David Coman

David Coman
David Coman is a highly qualified pediatrician who is well-known for his proficiency in the diagnosis and treatment of children with uncommon illnesses. Less than 1 in 2000 individuals suffer from rare diseases, which can have a significant clinical impact on 6-8% of Australians. With a specific focus on genetic rare diseases, particularly prevalent in children, David dedicates himself to delivering accurate diagnoses and comprehensive management plans. Recognizing the challenges of delayed diagnosis due to their complex and infrequent nature, David actively collaborates with rare disease support groups, advocating for heightened awareness, understanding, and support for those affected by these conditions. His unwavering commitment to the field establishes him as a respected figure and a valuable asset in the rare disease community.
Review on Facebook: “Excellent in his ability to communicate with kids, especially Theirs who can take a while to warm to new people. Easy going but also attentive. He’s great working with others when it comes to Their kids- he genuinely takes note of Their observations and the observations of Their kid’s teachers. Cannot recall a single negative experience in Their interactions with him or with his office team- all of them do an amazing job. Would recommend Dr Coman anytime, without reservation.”- Hayley Elise

Dr McGill

Dr McGill
The highly experienced and skilled pediatrician, Dr. McGill, completed his medical training in Brisbane and the UK. He became a staff pediatric emergency specialist at Mater Children’s Hospital in 2007 after finishing a pediatric fellowship with distinction. In addition, Dr. McGill provided his knowledge to the community by working as an Ipswich pediatrician. He started his own practice at North West Hospital in 2009. Equipped with an abundance of expertise and a profound enthusiasm for providing outstanding healthcare, Dr. McGill is steadfastly committed to offering children comprehensive medical services, guaranteeing their welfare and optimum health.
Review on Google: “Dr McGill is an incredible Paediatrician who truly cares. He has helped our family & our daughter beyond measure! We are so grateful to have found him.!.”- Rebecca Cole

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