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Located in Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park, McFeeters Road, Beechworth, comes the Woolshed Falls, which is a great local attraction. Here, one can find the granite rocks present over the waterfall, making it such a scenic beauty. Around the year, this place is filled with visitors coming from different localities to witness this fall’s charm. 

Woolshed Falls played a vital role in Australian history when gold was discovered in this area in 1850. There’s a short walking track—a kind of vestige of past gold mining—done here for all history buffs. Calling it a gift for summers won’t be wrong at all, as quoted by the local Aussies. You will find more information about woolshed falls below in the table –

Name Woolshed Falls
Address Woolshed Falls Road, Beechworth VIC, Australia
Facilities Car Park | Toilets | Picnic Tables | Woodfire Barbecues (BYO firewood) | Information Boards
Best Months To Visit Early summers if looking to escape the summer heat or visit during the cooler months of spring and autumn when it’s best for hiking.
Google Review: “Beautiful scenic place with great bush walks” – Bruno A

There are a lot of things to engage in after visiting this great place, and it’s also a great hangout spot for those coming with families. Plus, the number of attractions available near this natural phenomenon is also quite large and worth paying attention to, as we’ve covered in our brief guide today.

How To Get To The Woolshed Falls

The Woolshed waterfalls are a 5-kilometre drive from Beechworth, falling towards Wodonga or Chiltern, and will take around 10 minutes at most to reach here. One can easily park their cars at the end of the Woolshed Falls, where a proper path is provided to head over to the two lookout parts of this amazing waterfall.

Exploring The Woolshed Falls

Woolshed Falls

In order to make the most of your time, prefer reaching this waterfall in the early summer or in the autumn season. To enter the Woolshed Falls, one need not pay any money, as it’s free for all. After a heavy rain, the stream of water here tends to become the next wonder of the world.

The height of this fall is 15 m, and accordingly, one needs to keep in mind certain safety precautions to avoid any emergency. Here, swimming is permitted only for experienced individuals, as it’s a bit risky for new ones. For others, walking alongside the falls would be the best decision.

Attraction Near The Woolshed Falls

This waterfall remains crowded throughout the year, as it has plenty of wonderful things to offer all visitors coming here throughout the year. One can easily go on touring its nearby places to see the best attractions it hosts and make some long-lasting memories. 

Have a look at some of the nearby places filled with allure that one needs to visit while coming to Woolshed Waterfalls.

1. Old Beechworth Gaol

Old Beechworth Gaol

The Old Beechworth Gaol is a historic museum in Beechworth, Australia, that is one of this nation’s most remarkable post-European cultural sites. It was opened as a prison in the year 1860 and later completed in 1864. To date, it remains a perfect example of gold rush architecture.

There are plenty of touring options to choose from for visitors coming here to learn every detail about this historic place. These options include daily guided tours, historic night tours, school groups, or self-guided tours. Their guides are there to provide you with every necessary piece of information regarding this location and make you aware of exactly how it feels to remain behind bars.

Name Old Beechworth Gaol
Address Cnr Williams St and, Ford St, Beechworth VIC 3747, Australia
Opening hours Monday - 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Tuesday - 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Wednesday - 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Thursday - 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Friday - 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Saturday - 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Ticket Pricing Adult - $25.00
Concession/student - $19.25
Family (2 adult + 2 children) - $73.15
Distance From Woolshed Falls 6.6 Km
Facilities Wheelchair-accessible | Food and refreshments | Public toilet | Car park | Cafe | Parents room
Google Review: “Our guide Graham was fantastic and shared the history of the gaol over the 1 hour tour with lots of great humour and stories. Definitely check it out” – ian pick

2. The Precipice Lookout (Beechworth Historic Park)

Beechworth Historic Park

The Precipice Lookout (Beechworth Historic Park) is a natural park that will refresh your mind as well as your body. Before heading to this place, one needs to take into consideration all safety tips and conditions. Also make sure to be aware of the slippery parts of this place, and try your best to be as much careful as possible as the trees could fall at any time.

There are so many things to do here while coming for a lookout. One can explore the rugged bushlands present along the tall trees shadowing all over this place. If you have more time, go on watching some birds, or prefer to go on a hike. You can’t afford to miss the wildlife at all.

Name The Precipice Lookout
Address One Tree Track, Beechworth VIC 3747, Australia
Opening hours Open 24 hours
Distance From Woolshed Falls 5.3 Km
Facilities Public toilets | Wheelchairs
Google Review: “Nice view. 600 metres from Ingram’s rock. But signs are not well posted. We had taken wrong route initially and found out the correct trail using google maps.” – Satarupa Basu

3. Asylum Ghost Tours - Beechworth

Another item on the list is The Asylum Ghost Tours in Beechworth, which is basically a daytime history and nighttime ghost tour happening at one of Australia’s most iconic haunted locations, i.e., the Beechworth Asylum. Those who like detective shows would definitely get enthralled, as this tour also covers some paranormal investigations.

An age limit of a minimum of 13 years is applied to touring this place. The experienced guides here will aid the visitors in learning about all the secrets of this place and will make you aware of the stories behind the spirits. To make this visit of yours memorable for a long time, opt for photography tours, which provide you with escorted access to photographers and filmmakers alike.

Name Asylum Ghost Tours - Beechworth
Address 22 Kurrajong Wy, Beechworth VIC 3747, Australia
Ticket Pricing Concession - $40
Family - $140
Child - $30
Para tours - 2hr: $69 | 3hr: $99
Distance From Woolshed Falls 8.2 Km
Facilities Gender-specific toilets | Online tickets booking
Google Review: “Fantastic loved it!! Great tour guide, friendly and helpful team. We had a great time but very very spooky 👻💀” – Lisa Howell

4. Beechworth Powder Magazine

Beechworth Powder Magazine

Once a store of black powder used for blasting on the goldfields, Beechworth Powder Magazine is now a beautifully preserved building available for touring. Located at Beechworth, it was constructed in 1859 at a cost of around £1500. 

It’s a must-visit place to add some historical highlights to your trip to Beechworth, as it stores a lot of valuable facts. Numerous skilled engineers created this masterpiece that is very sturdy in nature. It was designed as such so as to minimise any possible damage done to it and make it go upwards instead of outwards.

Name Beechworth Powder Magazine
Address Beechworth VIC 3747, Australia
Opening hours Monday - 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Tuesday - 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Wednesday - 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Thursday - 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Friday - 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Saturday - 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Sunday - 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Distance From Woolshed Falls 7.1 Km
Facilities Car parking | Toilets
Google Review: “If you’re taking the scenic route back to Beechworth, it’s worthwhile to have a quick stop off to see this bit of history. There is also a bush path leading to who knows where as I didn’t take it.” – Don Tadixz

5. Mt Pilot Lookout

Mt Pilot Lookout

One of the most spectacularly scenic places in Australia is Mount Pilot Lookout. After visiting here, one can easily get a 360-degree view of the surrounding countryside that this place entails. And if you get lucky, you can even catch a clear view of Mount Buffalo from the southern horizon.

Despite the fact being a short walk, it still offers a very rewarding experience to all those visiting here. From the mount top, one can easily take a look out at some wildlife such as wallabies, kangaroos, lizards, and snakes over there.

Name Mount Pilot Lookout
Address Beechworth VIC 3747, Australia
Opening hours Open 24 hours
Distance From Woolshed Falls 11.2 Km
Facilities Car park | Picnic facilities
Google Review: “Easy to find and an easy walk to the summit fro where you can gain spectacular views across bush and farmlands. A reminder of how the main population of Australia clings to the coast when you can look out across so much unspoiled nature” – Don Tadixz

Accommodation Near The Woolshed Falls

After spending a full day doing different adventurous activities in the Woolshed Falls, the below-mentioned accommodations would be the best place to relax and offer a budget-friendly stay for all.

1. Gardenview Lodge Motel

Gardenview Lodge Motel

This is a very eco-friendly accommodation that has a comfortable holiday park and also offers facilities such as free breakfast with the outside pool facility as well. This motel has 22 rooms with proper facilities, and the staff works very well as per the customer’s needs.

Giving proper room service and having a terrace garden make them a great option for spending some leisure time while visiting Woolshed waterfalls. Plus, being surrounded by natural habitat and picnic spots located nearby makes this area the first choice for everyone to stay in.

Name Gardenview Lodge Motel
Address 235-249 Tone Rd, Wangaratta VIC 3677, Australia
Phone Number +61 3 5722 1050
Distance From Woolshed Falls 46.5 km
Facilities Free Wi-Fi | Free breakfast | Free parking | Outdoor pool | Air-conditioned | Pet-friendly | Child-friendly restaurant
Google Review: “Stayed here over a weekend for a wedding in town. The rooms were a great size (we booked a 2br cabin), and the grounds itself were very well maintained. A basic breakfast of toast/cereal/coffee/tea is included as well” – Candace Van Krieken

2. Linaker Nurse's Quarters

Linaker Nurse's Quarters

The Linaker Nurse’s Quarters is a 3-star accommodation property in Beechworth that flaunts 32 rooms with its free parking facility. One can enjoy a continental breakfast with a terrace garden. For those looking to spend a long time in town, exploring the town on hired bikes could be the next thing on their list.

Surrounded by greenery and rich lawns, it gives a sense of time travel to most of its visitors. Still, up to this day, this place has maintained its traditional charm, dating back all the way to the mid-century. Plus, it’s a great place to visit for food lovers, as this region is well renowned for its cheeses and wines as well.

Name Linaker Nurse's Quarters
Address 11 Bluegum Cr, Beechworth VIC 3747, Australia
Phone Number +61 3 5728 1171
Distance From Woolshed Falls 7.9 km
Facilities Free breakfast | Free parking | Wheelchair Accessible | Pool service | Air-conditioned | Free WiFi
Google Review: “Don’t judge a book by its cover! Old building, tranquil location, plenty of birds, a few little extras in the room and bathroom. Good beds. Not a lot to complain about” – David Rowell

3. The Grand Oaks Resort

The Grand Oaks Resort

For those who love and crave a luxurious experience for themselves, The Grand Oaks Resort needs to be on their list of places to stay. It’s a 4-star property with an upscale conference centre and a seasonal outdoor pool facility for visitors. It also features a library combined with three meeting rooms.

A total of 20 rooms are in this property with wifi service, and facilities such as a coffee shop and cafe are also available on the terrace garden. For years, their staff has been praised a lot due to their exceptional service.

Name The Grand Oaks Resort
Address 22 Oak Ave, Beechworth VIC 3747, Australia
Phone Number +61 3 5728 2618
Distance From Woolshed Falls 8.1 km
Facilities Bike tour information | Business centre | Outdoor tennis court | Bar
Google Review: “Traveling with carriage horses or horses – this is a wonderful location for you and your horse. Nestled among Grandfather oak trees with wonderful trails to explore. A pool, the Bistro and lots of housing options. Enjoy your stay – we did!” – Janet and Christopher Carswell

4. Ryley Motor Inn

It’s a 17-room, 3.5-star family-owned motel located in the centre of Wangaratta. This immaculate place, being fully furnished, combines very cosy accommodation with friendly customer service. All of the rooms here make it convenient for visitors to get to the ground level, and access to the outdoor seating and swimming pool is also there.

In addition to that, all these rooms are equipped with a walk-in shower, mini fridge, microwave, kettle, toaster, ironing facilities, basic toiletries, a hairdryer, a TV, and free WiFi as well. For those coming here from railway stations, shopping centres won’t find it difficult at all to reach here as this location is just a walking distance from them.

Name Ryley Motor Inn
Address 52 Ryley St, Wangaratta VIC 3677, Australia
Phone Number N/A
Distance From Woolshed Falls 42.9 km
Facilities Pool, Parking included, Free WiFi, Air conditioning
Google Review: “What a hidden gem!! The Ryley Motor Inn know what customers want. Clean, well presented, well priced rooms and fantastic staff! Keep up the brilliant service, we will be back again!” – Jesse Turnbull

Additional Tips To Visit Woolshed Falls

When visiting at midday, one can conveniently explore the excellent views of this waterfall, as at this time the sunlight bounces its rays over the waterfall. To capture a more picturesque view for yourself, prefer coming here before sunset, when you will see the rocks changing their colour in response to the reflection of the light. Avoid visiting in the early morning hours because at that time the weather is very wet and dewy, making the rocks slippery and making it a challenging task for all to go along with them.


If you are looking for an unforgettable holiday trip, then pay a visit to the Woolshed waterfalls, and you won’t be disappointed at all. Being an excellent place to relax and spend some quality time, experiencing its nearby attractions such as Old Beechworth Gaol, the Asylum Ghost Tour, Mt. Pilot Lookout, etc. will help you squeeze juice out of every second of yours.

So, get rid of your daily boring life and uplift it by planning a vacation at this adventurous waterfall.

Frequently Asked Questions

The rocks at this fall are a bit slippery, making it a bit dangerous for swimming or climbing in this waterfall. So make sure to keep an eye on the children that you might bring with you.

It’s basically a 0.9-mile out-and-back trail that takes around an average of 22 minutes to complete.

The journey to the Woolshed Falls will be a ten-minute drive north from Beechworth.

No, dogs aren’t allowed at Woolshed Falls.

Now renowned as a destination for nature lovers and history buffs, this area was once the centre of one of the richest goldfields in Australia.

You can only sluice highbank anywhere near the reedy creek in the Woolshed Valley, but not at the falls.

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