The Ultimate Guide to Visiting St. Kilda Beach

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St Kilda Beach is the most visited beach in Melbourne, just 7.4 km from the Melbourne Central Business District (CBD). The beach is spread across an area of 700 m and is about 2,300 feet long, offering visitors a wide array of waterfront activities and white-sand shorelines. Summer in Melbourne seems incomplete without spending a day by the seaside on this beautiful beach.

Your presence here indicates that you plan to visit St Kilda Beach, Australia, in a short time. You want to gather as much information as possible regarding the beach to have a great experience and not miss out on any fun activities. Indeed, this famous beach in Melbourne has so much to offer visitors that they might get confused about what to try first and what to skip.

This stunning beach is a matter of attraction for all the individuals who indulge in kite surfing or swimming. However, if these are not your cup of tea, you can just stroll around to feel the serene environment and tranquility alongside the calm waters. Don’t worry if you are a big foodie; you can treat yourself to some of the most delicious local dishes at one of the best restaurants at St. Kilda Beach.

Other Essential Information Regarding St Kilda Beach

Name St Kilda Beach
Address St Kilda, Port Phillip, Victoria 3182 Australia
Distance From CBD (7.4km)
Distance From Melbourne Airport (31.7km)
Opening Hours 24 Hours Open
Directions 37.8679° S, 144.9740° E
How To Reach
  • By Car: You have to drive for around 16 minutes to reach your destination via Princes Highway/A60. Or you can also book a taxi for the same if you are a traveller that will take almost the same time; give or take 5 minutes.
  • By Bus: You can also board a bus from the airport or Melbourne CBD. Sometimes you might be required to book a bus in advance to get to this beach. So, ensure checking the websites for transportation by bus while you plan to go to St Kilda Beach.
  • By Tram:You can also take tram line 16 to reach St Kilda Beach from Melbourne CBD in no time. It is also a convenient and budget-friendly way to travel across the city.
  • By Bicycle: Renting out a cycle to reach St Kilda Beach from Melbourne CBD will take around 25 minutes. This might not be convenient for all; however, cyclists will love to travel to the beach on the designated cycle tracks alongside the foreshore of St Kilda Beach.
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1. Pay a Visit to St Kilda Pier

St. Kilda pier

While at Kilda Beach, it is impossible to return without visiting the pier, which offers visitors a spectacular view of St. Kilda Beach. This long jetty allows visitors to capture the city skyline and the breathtaking views of the beach. Locals love fishing and rollerblading at St Kilda Pier; however, you can also walk back and forth to the end of the pier and that is a fantastic experience.

2. Explore Luna Park

Explore Luna Park

Once you are done strolling around and walking down the St Kilda Pier, you can go to Luna Park, which is a perfect place to spend a sunny day with family and friends. At the entrance of Luna Park, you get to see an iconic gigantic mouth, which is the entrance to the amusement park. In addition to a legendary mouth entrance, it has the longest operating roller coaster, which gives visitors an entire round of the park.

3. Palais Theatre is a Must-Visit

Palais Theatre

After seeing the gigantic mouth and rollercoaster ride, you can head towards the Palais Theatre, which was built in 1927 and is still in operation. This is not an ordinary theatre; it holds a rich history and has hosted some of the best international and Australian superstars, including John Farman, Rolling Stones, Chris Isaac, and more.

4. Shop at The Esplanade Market

Esplanade Market

After watching the shows and forming a connection with the characters, you might want to shop and for that purpose, you don’t have to go miles as The Esplanade Market is within walking distance. If you are a traveller, this market is a must-visit for you, as it lets you interact with the locals and enjoy shopping for some local stuff that will contribute to the overall growth of the market. This market offers a lot of things to visitors, from handmade jewellery to unique accessories and artworks.

5. See a Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful Sunset

You might get tired after shopping for local products, treating your eyeballs to the spectacular views of St. Kilda Beach, exploring the amusement park, and watching the show. Thereafter, you can sit on this sandy beach to see the sun going down with your significant other or with your family and friends. But your trip doesn’t end here; you can stay here till night to do star gazing.

6. Watch the St. Kilda Penguins Waddle

St. Kilda Penguins Waddle

In addition to a serene environment, amusement park and spectacular views, this beach is also famous for the little penguins. Those little creatures reside at this beach all year round and if you want to see those little penguins waddle around, you should visit St Kilda Beach around August and September.

The best time to visit this beach to see St Kilda Penguins is in the evening, as during this time these birds go hunting for fish at sea. In other words, you should go after sunset or in the early morning to take a look at these little creatures. To encounter penguins at night at St Kilda Beach, you can stay at the nearest hotel.

Best Time to Go

St. Kilda beach best time

Though the beach is open to tourists throughout the year, the best time to visit this beautiful beach is around October and April. The weather is pleasant during this time and you get to enjoy a vacation on the beach. In addition to good weather conditions, there are many festivals hosted at the beach during this season that you can join and see the culture of Melburnians.

If you talk about the exact time to visit this beach during the day, you should go to this beach at night or before sunrise. The beach is calm at night, which will let you feel nature and enjoy a peaceful time at the beach. Moreover, you may get to see the penguins roaming if you go at this time of the day to this beautiful beach.

Where to Park Car?

Parking at St Kilda Beach, Victoria

You might be worried about the parking at St Kilda Beach if you are travelling on your ride. Nothing is worth worrying about, as there is enough street parking space at St Kilda Beach. You can easily find metered parking on the streets with hourly rates ranging from $1.90 to $5.40. So, be sure to mark the map with suitable parking fees you can afford before you turn on the engine of your vehicle.

Accommodation Near St Kilda Beach, Melbourne

St Kilda Beach Accommodation

So, where do you plan to stay at Kilda Beach? Worry not if you have no idea about which is the ideal place to stay near this beautiful beach. Several hotels near Kilda Beach offer accommodation to visitors; from luxe apartments to budget-friendly rooms or you can even opt for Nomads St Kilda if you want to connect with a traveller community. Here are some of the best places to stay at St Kilda Beach:

  1. Tolarno Hotel: This hotel is considered one of the best places to stay at St Kilda Beach as it offers stylish guest rooms and a wide range of facilities, making the stay comfortable. It is located at an ideal place and keeps all the visitors close to the major attractions, including the Esplanade beach.
  2. Cosmopolitan Hotel: Another best place to stay near St Kilda Beach is the Cosmopolitan Hotel, which is known as the darling of this beach. This hotel offers a wide variety of accommodations to visitors, from cheap rooms to luxe spaces. It will surely suit your specific needs; do check out their website before you head off to St. Kilda Beach.
  3. Quest St Kilda Bayside: If you don’t travel too frequently and want to stay in a place that feels nothing like home, consider staying at Quest St Kilda Bayside. It is an apartment-style hotel that ensures that all the visitors feel at home. This hotel is located just a few steps from the major attractions of Kilda Beach.
  4. Saint Kilda Beach Hotel: Just one kilometre from St Kilda Beach, Saint Kilda Beach Hotel could be your accommodation of choice, owing to the wide variety of facilities offered; it offers FREE Wi-Fi, airy rooms, minifridges and a lot more. Not to mention other amenities, including the exercise room, meeting space, etc.
  5. Pullman Melbourne Albert Park: This hotel is just 2.4 km from Luna Park, where you can stay and enjoy a wide range of amenities, including a spa, pool, fitness centre, FREE Wi-Fi, a sauna, pool, etc. In other words, this hotel has plenty to offer visitors; that’s why it’s listed in our exclusive blog.
  6. Nomads St Kilda: If you are tight on budget, you don’t necessarily need to live at hotels; Nomads St Kilda is an ideal St Kilda accommodation option for you. Not only are nomads cheaper, but they also offer you an opportunity to connect with fellow travellers. Nomads St Kilda is a perfect place to spend your vacations because it is near fantastic night markets, cake shops, and most importantly, St Kilda Beach.

The above-mentioned are a few good options for St Kilda Beach Accommodation, Melbourne, Australia. To get the best bang for your buck, make sure you do your homework; impulsive purchases are always regretted.

Best Restaurants at St Kilda Beach


Now you have plenty of options for St Kilda Beach Accommodation, Melbourne, but what about the dining options? Where will you fill your tummy? No worries; here are some of the best restaurants at St Kilda Beach to satisfy your deepest cravings:

  1. Stokehouse: With an unparalleled view of the sea, you can enjoy dining at one of the best restaurants in St Kilda, Stokehouse. Its exclusive and award-winning food menu, which includes delicious delights, is sure to satisfy your cravings. If you get in the mood for some liquid, Stokebar will take care of your needs!
  2. Donovans: Another best restaurant near St Kilda Beach is Donovans, which offers customers an unforgettable dining experience. This business has been operating for the last 20 years and knows the art of preparing flavourful dishes for customers that capture their hearts.
  3. Prince Dining Room: You can choose Prince Dining Room if you are looking for the best places to eat near St Kilda Beach. It is a restaurant where every dish is prepared using hand-picked produce. From liquid items to delicious local food, you find everything at this best restaurant.
  4. Lady Of St Kilda: This restaurant or even the St Kilda suburb is named after a ship called The Lady Of St Kilda. You can find fresh and healthy food at this restaurant during your trip to the famous St Kilda Beach. Lady of St Kilda offers top-notch quality food to customers, prepared with the freshest ingredients and authentic recipes.
  5. Good Love: If you are a fan of vegan food items, you should not miss going to Good Love restaurant, which offers delicious food and culinary services second to none. The menu of this restaurant entails classic, spicy, and fancy items, including KATSU CURRY, MUSHROOM STEW, PAELLA, SIZZLING DUCK, etc.

These are some of the best restaurants in St Kilda Beach to get you started; however, there must be some other good eateries nearby that you can explore and tell us about.

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Tips to Make Your St Kilda Beach Visit Memorable

St Kilda Beach Visit Memorable

You might not want to ruin your experience at this beautiful beach; however, sometimes, due to a lack of knowledge, we do things that are prohibited. So, here is the list of tips that will come in handy during your visit to the beach and help you avoid the things that you are not supposed to do by the authorities:

  • If you don’t like too much crowding, you should avoid visiting Kilda Beach from 3-4 pm as these are the rush hours.
  • You should refrain from playing loud music and yelling; some people get too excited at beaches.
  • Adhere to all the guidelines and rules set by the higher authorities in order to preserve the nature and serene environment of Kilda Beach.
  • Maintain a safe distance from penguins; they don’t interact with humans and getting too close to the birds to capture them on your mobile phones are also not allowed as these things might scare them off.
  • In addition to a prohibition on photography, visitors are also not allowed to feed the St Kilda beach penguins. Rangers and volunteers stroll during the night to ensure the penguins are safe at the beach.
  • St Kilda Beach is the most popular and most visited beach in Melbourne, making it the perfect spot for a picnic with your friends and family.
  • This beach is famous for its white shorelines and the water adventures it has to offer, including surfing and swimming.
  • Restaurants at St. Kilda Beach serve visitors with flavourful and top-notch local food that is a must-try if you are new to this place.
  • Don’t forget to spend a handsome time browsing through the Sunday Esplanade Market for a souvenir or to satisfy your shopping cravings.
  • The beach offers all visitors an opportunity to witness the unique penguin sighting experience during the night and evening hours.

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St Kilda Beach Safety and Essentials

Every visitor asks, “Is St Kilda Beach safe?” The short answer to this question is yes. The water at this beach is calm, making it safe for swimming. In addition, the club ensures the safety of visitors during weekends and public holidays by employing highly trained lifeguards for patrol. Though you can get snacks and rent out other items for activities at the beach, enhance your experience by carrying the following: –

Sunglasses Tank tops Goggles Portable Speaker
Sunscreen Shorts Towel Laptop or Tablet
Bathing suit Sundress Snorkel Headphones
Beach Blanket Underwear Beach umbrellaCamera Camera
Sandals Pyjamas Beach Balls Travel Adapters
Hat Change of Clothes Frisbees Book
Portable Charger Soap A good book Chapstick
Water bottle Shampoo Journal and pen Insulated Tote Bag

Note: The list of St Kilda Beach essentials is pretty long and it also depends on the duration of your trip. This list might not contain all the information regarding it!

Bottom Line

The summers of Melburnians are complete with a visit to St Kilda Beach, located in St Kilda, Port Phillip, Australia. No traveller goes back to their home without paying a visit to this famous and most-visited beach in Melbourne. However, if it’s your first time visiting this beautiful beach, it could be daunting without a comprehensive guide.

This guide contains all the information you need to know before visiting St Kilda Beach, including the places to stay, the best restaurants in St Kilda Beach, ways to get to this beautiful beach, and all the attractions and activities that you can’t miss out on. So, always refer to this guide if you need in-depth information regarding St Kilda Beach.

Stay tuned for more such blogs, information, articles, and comprehensive guides!

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