An allergy specialist, also known as an allergist or immunologist, is a medical professional specializing in diagnosing and treating allergic conditions and immune system disorders. These specialists undergo extensive training to identify allergic triggers, such as pollen, foods, medications, or insect venom, which can cause various reactions in the body. These doctors use tests to figure out exactly what someone is allergic to, such as skin tests or blood tests. Once they know, they make a special plan to help manage allergies. This might include medicines, allergy shots, or changes in how someone lives. Allergy specialists are important because they teach people how to deal with their allergies better, making their lives easier and less affected by allergic reactions.

We’ve created a list of Melbourne’s top allergy specialists, each renowned for their expertise in diagnosing and treating allergies. These specialists offer personalized care, catering to various allergic conditions, from common allergies to more complex cases. With their extensive knowledge and advanced diagnostic methods, they provide tailored treatment plans to alleviate symptoms and improve patients’ quality of life. Whether it’s hay fever, food allergies, or skin reactions, our list guides individuals to trusted specialists, ensuring access to comprehensive care and expert guidance to manage and overcome allergic conditions, facilitating a path towards a healthier and allergy-free life.

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Avid Allergy

Avid Allergy
Avid Allergy is a top place in Melbourne for allergy care. They’re experts in finding and treating different allergies and making custom plans for each person’s needs. They know a lot about allergies, so they can figure out what’s wrong and help manage it well, from common issues like hay fever to more complex cases. They make plans to help ease symptoms and make people feel better. Avid Allergy is dedicated to helping people have a life without allergies, making tomorrow healthier. They focus on giving great care and guiding patients, supporting them to handle allergies and live better lives. Their goal is to help everyone manage and beat allergies, making life better overall.
Review on google: “Amazing doctor, yes expensive but totally worth it. He get’s things done and is a doctor that is kind and listens!! When it came down to my health and this slowly becoming debilitating chronic illness of asthma ..the money just didn’t really matter because in the end he has definitely helped me!”- Sarah Jesudason

Allergy Doctors

Allergy Doctors
Allergy Doctors is a famous clinic in Melbourne known for its allergy specialists who work hard to help people with different allergies. They’re experts in treating things like hay fever, food allergies, and skin reactions, creating special plans for each person. The clinic uses modern tools and different ways to find out what’s causing the allergies and how to make people feel better. The caring team at Allergy Doctors makes sure everyone gets the right advice and help to deal with allergies, aiming not just to treat allergies but also to help everyone live a healthier life without allergies.
Review on google: “Took an hours drive to visit this place, I was a bit anxious from some of the reviews however Dr Dahn was punctual, caring & extremely thorough. He’s given me great peace of mind for my daughter and I’d highly recommend this place if you have any concerns. The reception staff were also very sweet & caring to my little girl. Thank you all!”- Alexandra Evans


Stem is a top care center in Melbourne known for treating allergies in kids and grown-ups. Their team knows a lot about allergies and helps people with different allergy problems. They make plans that fit each person to manage their allergies better. Stem takes care of lots of allergies, finding exactly what’s wrong and making personalized plans to treat them well. They’re especially good with kids, making sure they feel safe and helping their families too. Their goal is to make life better for people with allergies, making sure everyone gets the right care for a healthier life.
Review on Google: “Dr Werther has been extremely helpful every time we have seen her regarding food allergies as well as eczema and hayfever. The receptionist is always friendly and helpful and the clinic itself is very clean and child friendly”- Brie Hc


MACCS is a top place in Melbourne that helps kids with allergies. They’re really good at checking, diagnosing, and treating allergies for children. Their team of experts uses special tools to find and help with different allergy problems like food allergies, asthma, and eczema. MACCS gives personalized care, making special plans to help kids feel better and supports them as they get better. They’re dedicated to helping children with allergies and make sure families feel comfortable and cared for. Families trust MACCS because they’re great at what they do and always take good care of kids dealing with allergies, making it a safe and helpful place.
Review on Facebook: “Friendly staff and great doctors. Help with allergy testing.”- Kaylene Doxey

South Eastern Paediatrics and Allergy Centre

South Eastern Paediatrics
The South Eastern Paediatrics and Allergy Centre in Melbourne is a top place for kids’ health, especially allergies. They have a great team of doctors who are experts in taking care of children with allergies and similar problems. They help kids with various allergies like food allergies, eczema, asthma, and hay fever, giving each child the right treatment they need. The center focuses on finding out exactly what’s wrong and using the best treatments available to help the kids feel better. They really care about kids’ health and work hard to give them the best care possible, making sure families feel supported and kids get the help they need for their allergies.
Review on google: “Great Paed who listened to all my concerns regarding my son’s allergies. Very experienced and I was happy with the management and plan moving forward. He was thorough with explaining everything and friendly to my baby and I”- Graciii3 B

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