Asian restaurants are gastronomic hotspots with a wide range of specialties inspired by the many Asian cuisines. Highlighting the gastronomic customs of nations such as China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, India, Vietnam, and others, these restaurants present an extensive range of tastes, ingredients, and cooking methods. Everything about the restaurant is intricately designed with the rich cultural tapestry in mind, from the meals to the decor and atmosphere that take patrons to the heart of Asia. Whether indulging in the complex tastes of Japanese sushi, the robust spices of Indian curries, or the delicate craftsmanship of Chinese stir-fries, diners travel on a gastronomic adventure that embodies the authenticity and knowledge of each locale.

Savor Tasmania’s exceptional cuisine by perusing our carefully curated selection of the Best Asian Restaurants. Every restaurant highlights the many tastes of Asia, from the fiery spices of India to the delicacy of Japanese sushi. Explore a tapestry of genuine experiences where traditions flourish and elements are highlighted. Our selection guarantees a wonderful trip through Tasmania’s best, presenting a varied and delicious assortment of Asian gastronomy, regardless of your level of experience with Asian cuisine.

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Dāna Eating House

Dāna Eating House
Renowned large-format restaurant Dāna prides itself on creating vibrant and pleasurable dining environments. The adaptable and cozy area can host anything from romantic date nights to busy group get-togethers. Dāna’s attentive staff specializes in customizing the tempo and ambiance to match the moods of its clients, resulting in a genuinely individualized dining experience. Dāna guarantees that every visit is a celebration by providing a feast of flavors and a dedication to quality. Because each dish is carefully prepared to enhance the dining experience, Dāna is a place for foodies looking for extraordinary and unforgettable experiences.
Review on Facebook: “The food was so tasty. Out of this world! strongly recommend to everyone. Amazing service, great wine, delicious cocktails. Cool space as well. 11/10!”- Leigh Cuthbertson

Bite Me Restaurant TAS

Bite Me Restaurant
Bite Me offers a wide selection of classic and modern Asian cuisine, skillfully fusing the East’s rich culinary legacy with a contemporary flair. Under the direction of our talented head chef, every meal showcases creativity and taste, showcasing the depth of seasonal, fresh ingredients. Indulge in a gastronomic adventure where classic dishes are combined with modern touches to satisfy your cravings for real Asian food. At Bite Me, our dedication to quality in the kitchen guarantees an experience that goes above and beyond, beckoning guests to enjoy a symphony of flavors that balance innovation and tradition.
Review on Facebook: “I love this place, I get take away at least once a week from here. The food never disappoints, laksa with crackling pork & Thai green are my favs. So good. Will continue to be a regular and would highly recommend this place to anyone. !”- Marcia Cowie

Mu Lan Restaurant

Mu Lan Restaurant
More than just your average Chinese restaurant, Mu Lan is a unique gastronomic destination. With a focus on food from Shanghai and Sichuan, it presents classic Chinese meals in a modern way. Mu Lan, much loved by the locals, is a great option for groups or couples looking for a great night out. The restaurant is well-known for its modernized Chinese food, which combines regional flavors with traditional ingredients and is served in an elegant Western style. Mu Lan is well-known for its delicious food, as well as for its pleasant atmosphere and staff members who always have a grin on their faces.
Review on Facebook: “Classy Chinese made with love and care. We enjoyed our meals, and the service. The booths had ample room and we were not rushed. The atmosphere was classic and welcoming.”- Julie Diana Lawless

Kirin Restaurant

Kirin Restaurant
Visitors are invited to experience the sophisticated realm of Chinese food through a gastronomic voyage at Kirin. With carefully selected cuisine created by a team of skilled chefs, this prestigious establishment is renowned for its steadfast dedication to culinary quality. From expertly made dim sum to delectable seafood dishes, Kirin’s menu showcases the culinary team’s talent and artistry in creating a well-balanced fusion of flavors and textures. Kirin, a location that goes above and above, offers a fully immersive eating experience for those searching for the best Chinese cuisine. Travelers to Kirin are welcome to indulge in a symphony of real flavors that have been painstakingly created with love and care.
Review on Google: “First time to this new restaurant and we are pleasantly surprised with the quality of the foods and the service. The portion size is also very generous. The variety of dishes is amazing. Looking forward to come back for more.”- Desmond Cheng


Situated in the heart of Hobart, Ajikoma is a top choice for fans of Japanese food. This well-known eatery has made a name for itself with its delicious dishes, especially its ramen. Ajikoma’s ramen is a culinary delight that is created with a dedication to excellence. It has a taste-tasting blend of premium ingredients. In addition to its well-known ramen, the restaurant offers a full Japanese dining experience that combines innovation and authenticity. Ajikoma invites you to enjoy a delicious trip via its cuisine, where each dish demonstrates a dedication to excellence and a passion for culinary artistry, regardless of your level of experience with Japanese flavors.
Review on Google: “Ramen and dumplings are affordable and delicious. You can’t find a same place in Hobart who did such brilliant Japanese dishes. I would recommend here for all my friends!”- Zahra Barton

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