Dermatologists treat each patient individually, using modern techniques like laser therapy or surgery when necessary in addition to prescription drugs and topical creams. They teach patients about habits and skincare techniques that promote healthy skin, placing a significant emphasis on preventive care in addition to treatment. Dermatologists help enhance the general health and look of skin by treating a broad spectrum of dermatological problems. They help people achieve wellbeing and confidence by doing this.

It can be difficult to find a reputable dermatologist in Sydney at times, but don’t worry! Sydney’s best dermatologists are listed on this list that we’ve assembled. Every individual on our roster has been meticulously selected to guarantee their exceptional skill set. Whether it’s acne, skin exams, or any other skin concern, they are the professionals in taking care of your skin. It’s simpler for you to locate a dermatologist on our list who meets your needs and gives you comfort.

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Central Sydney Dermatology

Central Sydney Dermatology
Central Sydney Dermatology is a place in the middle of Sydney where they take good care of your skin. They have a team of experienced skin doctors who can help with all sorts of skin problems, like acne or checking for skin cancer. They also do things to make your skin look better, like cosmetic treatments. At the clinic, they make sure you feel comfortable and give you treatments using the newest methods. People like them because they really care about making your skin healthy. Whether you need help with medical issues or want to improve your skin’s appearance, they focus on giving you good care and making sure you’re happy with your skin in the middle of busy Sydney.
Review on google: “I’ve been seeing Dr Jo-Ann See for a number of years and have always been impressed by her professionalism and thoroughness. I moved to the country 18 months ago and come back to Sydney to attend appointments having decided I will never find better care than at Central Sydney Dermatology. Front office staff are so very efficient and friendly. The best dermatology practice in Sydney, and I’ve been to many!”- Lynn

Dr Burcu Kim

Dr Burcu Kim
Well-known for her skill and commitment, Dr. Burcu Kim is a reputable figure in the medical community. Her considerable knowledge and sensitive approach to patient care set her apart as a dermatologist specialist. As a skilled and compassionate skin care specialist, Dr. Kim takes great satisfaction in providing individualised treatment strategies. Patients are certain to receive cutting-edge and highly effective treatments because to her dedication to staying up to date with the newest developments in dermatological therapies. at addition to her medical expertise, Dr. Burcu Kim creates a kind, welcoming atmosphere at her office where clients feel respected and at ease.
Review on google: “I called up in tears I couldn’t even speak while booking my appointment however the receptionist are all god sent they were compassionate and I didn’t feel alone in my situation. The Dr I was was very good. He gave me the all clear on my skin. I’m very happy to have come here and get the support and advice I needed. I will always come back if I ever need to but I certainly hope I don’t.”- Amar Selene

Northern Sydney Dermatology & Laser

Northern Sydney Dermatology
An excellent skincare facility that treats skin issues is Northern Sydney Dermatology & Laser. Acne, skin cancer tests, and cosmetic surgeries are just a few of the diseases they expertly treat using advanced therapies and laser procedures. Using state-of-the-art technology and a plethora of experience, their staff offers personalised, secure, and efficient service. Everyone seeking dermatological care may expect a welcoming and supportive environment from the clinic because of its dedication to quality and patient-centered care. Northern Sydney Dermatology & Laser is a reputable place to go for getting healthy, glowing skin through skilled care and specialised treatments, whether you’re looking to address medical issues or cosmetic improvements.
Review on google: “Extremely professional practice with wonderful staff – both behind the front desk and consulting to patients. Dr Wines provided expert advice and I’m very confident about the quality and level of care. So glad to have had my first of many visits. Great experience.”- Kerry Thiedeke

Advanced Dermatology

Advanced Dermatology
The skin care services provided by Advanced Dermatology are excellent. Their team of skin experts has a wealth of knowledge and they are always ready to help with any skin problems. They identify your skin issue and suggest the most effective course of therapy for you using cutting edge technologies and procedures. They make sure you understand your disease and available treatments, and they offer individualised care. Advanced Dermatology is the ideal option whether you want to treat medical issues or improve the appearance of your skin. For competent and considerate skin care services, you may depend on them.
Review on Facebook: “The best treatment anywhere..Had my first treatment today, a chemical peel .. going next week for micro-needling can’t wait 😊”- Pamela Shields Nerren

The Skin Hospital

The Skin Hospital
The Skin Hospital is a renowned institution dedicated to dermatological care, standing as a leading center in skin health. They focus on making sure your skin stays healthy. They help with things like checking for and treating skin cancer or dealing with different skin problems. The hospital has skilled doctors and specialists who give personalized care based on what each person needs. They use advanced technology and treatments to give the best care possible. People trust this hospital because they care a lot about keeping skin healthy and helping patients feel better. Whether it’s checking for skin cancer or dealing with tough skin issues, The Skin Hospital makes sure to take care of patients in a friendly and expert way.
Review on Facebook: “Having been treated at the Skin Hospital Westmead a number of times, I cannot speak highly enough of the care given to me by specialist doctors and dedicated nurses and staff. Thank you Dr Kalouche for your amazing work and thank you nurses and staff for the wonderful support you gave to me.”- Helen Tiffin Harrold

Dr Philip Tong

Dr Philip Tong
Dr Philip Tong is a renowned dermatologist based in Sydney, known for his exceptional skin care services. He is well-known for his empathetic approach to dermatology, which stems from his long expertise. Dr. A.J. Tong creates individualized treatment plans to suit the unique needs of each patient Using cutting-edge techniques and a deep understanding of skin health, she assures her clients the best results. To advance dermatology, Drs. Tong’s unwavering commitment establishes him as a respected member of the Sydney medical community.
Review on Google: “Highly highly recommended! Was able to solve an issue that impacted my foot for 6+ years. I was honestly giving up, yet gave it a last chance with Dr Tong. He fixed the issue in less than 5 months. Absolutely recommend his practice, not just for him, but also for his lovely stuff. From the nurses to the absolutely awesome receptionist, everyone is just amazing. Thank you!”- chiara

Drummoyne Dermatology

Drummoyne Dermatology
Drummoyne Dermatology is the center of Drummoyne. They offer a wide variety of specialized skin care offerings. Their committed group of dermatologists offer complete care, such as pores and skin most cancers treatment, pediatrics, cancer management, and treatment of numerous pores and skin situations, which they focus on scientific, surgical and cosmetic dermatology to ensure holistic treatment of all sufferers. Drummoyne Dermatology makes use of superior techniques and technology to create customized solutions for individual wishes.Their strong commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction has earned them a reputation as a trusted destination for skin health care in the community.
Review on Google: “I have been coming to this surgery seeing Dr Deanna Wong for many years. The care and consideration from the doctor and each and every member of staff is exceptional. Sometimes the procedures are not pleasant … the care and knowledge of the nursing staff is a real tribute to the team. A big thank you from me.”- Rhonda Groneman

Frequently Asked Questions

The average initial consultation fee to see a dermatologist in Sydney ranges between $250 and $250.

The duration of the Australian dermatology training programme is 4 years.

Yes, there’s a notable shortage of dermatologists in Australia, as there are only 645 registered dermatologists in Australia, which is around 1 dermatologist for every 40,000 individuals.

Yes, dermatology is a competitive branch of medicine in Australia, as it involves a very long and competitive process to become a dermatologist.

The average salary of a dermatologist in Australia is around $63.22 per hour, or $123,272 per year.

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