Gyms are fitness hubs designed for people to exercise and stay healthy. These places offer a variety of equipment and spaces for different workouts, like treadmills for running, weights for strength training, and areas for classes like yoga or spin. They’re not just about lifting weights; they provide a range of activities to suit everyone’s fitness goals and preferences. Some gyms also have personal trainers available to help people create specialized workout plans. They’re great for improving strength, flexibility, and overall health. Gyms often create a motivating atmosphere where people can exercise together and stay committed to their fitness journeys. Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness enthusiast, gyms offer a supportive environment to work on your health and well-being.

We made a list of the best gyms on the Gold Coast. They’re chosen carefully to fit different needs, with lots of equipment and classes. Whether you like lifting weights, doing cardio, or joining group classes like yoga, these gyms have it all. We picked places with good trainers, clean spaces, and friendly vibes. These gyms aren’t just for workouts; they’re like a group of friends helping you get fit. Our list makes it easy to find the right gym for you, so you can have a great workout experience on the Gold Coast, meeting your fitness goals without any hassle.

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Ultimate Sports Performance

Ultimate Sports
Ultimate Sports Performance offers top-tier training programs, expert coaching, and a winning mindset. Their specialized equipment, motivational setting, and unwavering confidence empower athletes to excel. With a wealth of knowledge and a track record of success, they provide the tools needed to turn sporting aspirations into reality. This facility fosters an environment where athletes can thrive, offering the guidance and resources necessary to reach their full potential. Whether aspiring for personal bests or aiming for professional success, Ultimate Sports Performance is dedicated to helping athletes achieve their sporting dreams through exceptional training and unwavering support.
Review on google: “joey is the best in the business. He not only gets his clients incredible results, but he genuinely cares about them as well. Joey is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for the turnaround in my playing career, and it wasn’t just through strength work alone. He emanates a positive way of being that is infectious, and will make you feel uplifted after every interaction with him. I couldn’t recommend him enough, he is truly someone who will benefit anyone that goes to him.”- Matthew Hodgson

Globe Health Club

Globe Health Club
Globe Health Club has been part of the Gold Coast for over 19 years and is now the top gym in Southport. They offer free group fitness classes and affordable memberships with really good equipment. Plus, their parking is free and super close—only 20 meters away! The gym has lots of room to exercise and feels nice with natural light all day. It is open 24 Hours. They’ve got different equipment and free weights for all kinds of workouts,and they have spots for warming up and stretching. It’s a great place for anyone working on fitness goals, making sure everyone feels welcome and supported in their journey.
Review on Google: “Been going to this gym for a while now 😊 Friendly/easy to talk to staff always. So happy it’s now 24/7 & access/parking is easy, they also validate ur ticket when u need. Has all the equipment & a recovery/activity room & the place is always clean. The classes are all done in the other huge activity room & they’re amazing! The owner is super friendly & saying hi to Stormie (🐶) is always a plus 🤎. Trainers are friendly & the atmosphere/diversity of people that come to this gym is very welcoming. From a shy gym girl, I definitely recommend! 💪🏽”- Mary Grace

Milon Premium Health Clubs

Milon Premium
Milon Premium Health Clubs give you a special fitness experience using high-tech stuff and personalized training. They have this cool Milon circuit that customizes a quick and good workout just for you. They use fancy equipment and digital tracking to help you get great results quickly. These clubs are all about making things easy for you while supporting your fitness goals. Their Milon system guides workouts, so everyone, whether you’re starting or a pro, can use it. They use modern fitness methods to create a really good training plan that helps everyone get fit efficiently and reach their goals.
Review on Facebook: “Amazing trainers and staff. Gym is always clean. Would highly recommend.”- Jamey Crawford

World Gym Ashmore

World Gym
World Gym Ashmore stands as a fitness cornerstone in the community, offering a comprehensive array of workout options. With state-of-the-art equipment, expert trainers, and diverse classes, this gym provides a dynamic fitness experience. Boasting a motivating environment and a range of amenities, it caters to various fitness levels and goals. From intense strength training to energizing group sessions, World Gym Ashmore supports individuals in achieving their fitness aspirations. With a commitment to excellence and a welcoming atmosphere, this facility ensures that members receive the guidance and resources needed to thrive on their fitness journey. It’s a place where fitness enthusiasts of all levels can pursue their goals with determination and support.
Review on Facebook: “Started three years ago. Dan Daniels got me started snd on track. Love it. Staff are great and I do classes with Jeff Hall and seriously great stuff..”- Michaelangelo Gregorio Grimaldi

Nexus Performance Gym

Nexus Performance Gym
Nexus Performance Gym is a great place for people who love fitness. They have really good equipment and great coaches to help you exercise well. It’s not just about working out; it’s like being part of a team that supports each other. They make personal training plans just for you, whether you want to get stronger, lose weight, or just be healthier. They have different machines and classes for different fitness goals. The gym feels friendly, and the trainers know a lot, so you feel motivated to do your best. Nexus Performance Gym isn’t just about regular workouts; they want to inspire and help you reach your fitness goals by giving you the right guidance and support.
Review on Facebook: “Nexus have helped me so much in just a few short months of working with them. I’ve attended Nexus seminars as well as received one on one coaching, and weekly online coaching. All of the Nexus coaches I’ve spoken to are extremely knowledgeable and approachable. The programming and technique advice I’ve received from Zac and Will has always been well thought out and tailored to my individual needs. I’d strongly recommend them if you’re looking to improve your performance.”- Jarred Ranson

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