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Seeing bare walls in your home space can make you feel bored and lifeless, whereas the right artwork can upgrade your mood and make you feel joyful the entire time. When you use the artwork for your home space, it showcases the taste and personality you have. Once you add artwork to your surroundings, it helps you enhance your creativity and upgrade your imagination.

Choosing an artwork can be a difficult task since the wide variety of art can make it a confusing and complicated task. Whether to choose a painting, an art print, or just a photograph, the process seems to be time-consuming. To choose the perfect artwork for your home, you need to have a bit of knowledge about the type of art and the style of art.

Here are some tips that can help you choose the right artwork for your home space that enhances your decor and reflects your personality.

1. Choose What You Like

Choose What You Like

The first and most important tip for enhancing your home with artwork is to select what makes you feel happy and inspired. Art is a collection of colours, content, and texture that will fill your home space not only with beauty but also with emotions and inspiration. An individual should select a type of art that reflects their personality and speaks to their heart. 

If you feel choosing the artwork you like is a complicated task, then you can take suggestions from an artist who can help you in the right way. You can explain your ideas and thoughts to the artist you have hired so that they can recommend art pieces that fully express your tastes for the artwork.

2. Select The Right Artwork

Select The Right Artwork

There is a wide variety of artwork that exists in today’s world, and selecting one can be a difficult and confusing task. Since each artwork has its own unique presence and personality to depict, selecting a particular form of artwork is an important step in creating an attractive home space.

The various forms of artwork includes abstract paintings, landscape paintings, portraits, still-life, impressionist paintings, pop art, and many more. If you don’t have an idea of these artworks, you can get help from an artist to make your home space more welcoming and attractive.

3. Check The Size Of The Room

Check The Size Of The Room

The size of your home space plays a very critical role in deciding the size of your artwork since the overall look of the room should not be disturbed by the artwork. Always check wall spaces rather than checking the area occupied by the furniture, windows, and other decor items placed at your home.

The ideal area that an artwork should cover is just more than half or three-quarters of the area that is actually visible. The second thing to keep in mind is that the furniture over which the artwork is placed should be slightly more than two-thirds to three-quarters of the furniture. This measurement is said to be one of the best ways to size the artwork in your home space.

4. Select The Correct Colour Scheme

Select The Correct Colour Scheme

After checking the size of the home space and selecting the type of artwork you like, the next task is to select the correct colour scheme to enhance your room’s look. Colours play a very important role in making your entire room bright and colourful. Since the type of colour used in your life reflects your personality, if you choose light and soft colours, then you are a calm and peaceful person.

Whereas if you choose bold and bright colours in your home space, then you are an energetic and confident person. The artwork should also be selected by keeping in mind the colour scheme of the rest of the house. Paying attention to these things will give your home space a more polished, personalised, and inviting appearance.

5. Consider The Budget

Consider The Budget

Budget is the core element in choosing the artwork you would like to place in your home since you need to purchase it within your predefined budget. If your budget is high, then you can visit an artist who can directly paint an artwork for you, or you can also buy the original paintings.

If you have a relatively low budget, then you can visit an art gallery and buy whatever you feel is of your choice that falls within your budget. You will find these artworks in a variety of forms, such as traditional and modern ones. Buy the best art that is as per your liking and completely suits your budget, so that you can easily purchase it.

6. Focus On Theme

Focus On Theme

When you are choosing the artwork for your home, don’t forget to match it with your home’s existing theme. The best way to select your colour theme is by making a table of four columns on which you will describe the wall colour, floor colour, your pre-existing furniture colour, and finally, the colour you are planning to add to your home colour.

After this, you can take suggestions from an artist who will better understand the colour theme that you have created using a table and will tell you about the type of artwork you should add to your home space. Choosing the right colour scheme is critical because it will introduce new colours into your home and, eventually, give it a new look.

7. Don't Forget The Lighting

Don't Forget The Lighting

Once you have placed your artwork, don’t forget to use lights around it to give it a more attractive look. You should plan proper lighting around the area where you have planned to place your artwork since it will have a more precise look and will increase the overall beauty of the artwork.

You can use different types of lights, such as LEDs, small shaded lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights., and a lot more variety of lights. These lights are used to highlight the colours and strokes of a painting, giving it a more three-dimensional feel and enhancing the ultimate atmosphere of the home space.

Wrapping Up

Art is something that has a different meaning for different people as it reflects their personality and style. Selecting the type of art one likes is a personal journey for an individual, since there are different tastes and preferences available. The artwork helps you enhance the overall atmosphere of your home. 

By following the above suggestions and tips, you can make your home a true representation of your identity. Whether you choose from classic paintings to modern sculptures or original prints, each form of painting has its own feelings and inspirations that create a good atmosphere in your home space. So take your time and explore the different types of styles and the various mediums to find out your best, which can make you feel happy and motivated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Paintings are referred to as the most common style of artwork. Paintings are easily accessible since they require only paint and brushes, and along with this, they are a form of art that has been taught in educational institutions.
Choosing the right size of art for your home space is very easy since it should be ½ – ¾ the width of the wall or of the furniture over which it is being placed.
The paintings that are good for home decor as per Vastu are the Lucky 7 Horses Paintings, Buddha Paintings, Paintings of Nature, Floral Paintings, and Peacock Paintings.
The landscape style of painting is said to be the most popular style of painting.
Some of the pictures or photography that are best for the home space are the Radha Krishna paintings, pictures depicting fire, abstract art, family photographs, and much more.
The best wall colour to display your artwork is a neutral colour.
The 7 elements of art are shape, space, value, form, texture, line, and colour.

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